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           Characterization of nano-structure materials
      Oxide monolayers may present unique opportunities because of the great diversity of properties of these materials in bulk form. However, reports on oxide monolayers are still limited due to the strong dangling bonds. Here we report the formation of single-atom-thick copper oxide layers with a square lattice both in graphene pores and on graphene substrates using aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy. First-principles calculations find that CuO is energetically stable and its calculated lattice spacing matches well with the measured value. Furthermore, free-standing copper oxide monolayers are predicted to be semiconductors with band gaps ~ 3 eV. The new wide-bandgap single-atom-thick copper oxide monolayers usher a new frontier to study the highly diverse family of two-dimensional oxides and explore their properties and their potential for new applications.

A CuO ML nanosheet formed on graphene substrate

Publication: Kuibo Yin, Yu-Yang Zhang, Yilong Zhou, Litao Sun, Matt F Chisholm, Sok T Pantelides, Wu Zhou, Unsupported single-atom-thick copper oxide monolayers, 2D Materials, 4, 011001 (2017)
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